Australian, 18, enough said ;)


Okay, straight up pet peeve here.

Anyone who has seen ‘Rec’, will understand where i am coming from right now. I watched that movie the other day, barely a ‘horror’, cheap scares and what not. Downloaded and barely watched ‘Quarantine’. You know what is very similar about these two movies? I swear to fucking god they are the same movie!

- Fire Station

- Follow them on a night shift

- Dumbass reporter

- Sudden emergency at an apartment building 

- it’s an old lady

no faith in horror movies anymore at fucking all.

Watching ‘The Possession’ and i keep saying, “JOHN FUCKING WINCESTER SALT THAT DEMON!” this is like a supernatural spin off movie……. 

Curious, why is every girl that’s possessed called Emily?

♔ favorite movie characters, ever → natasha romanoff, the black widow.